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What makes us different?

Struggling to compare all the different email marketing services out there? We don't blame you. We've tried them all.

Conditional Sequences

Sometimes you just want vanilla ice cream, and sometimes you want something a little crazier. Our sequence builder is the perfect palette for you to paint your picasso of outbound goodness. If you need to take an action outside of Super Send, use the Task Node!

Save Thousands 💴

We're not going to lie, we're pretty cheap (for now!). But we're also pretty good. No cap. We're so good, in fact, that we've not only saved our customers thousands of dollars, we've helped them earn even more.

Sell Faster

Run super effective outbound campaigns

All the stuff everyone else has ... and then some. But we like to think we've done it with a little bit of flair ✨.

Email Automation

Send using your real gmail address and automate follow ups based on whether or not a user responds.

Twitter Automation

Follow and message prospects on Twitter. Reaching out to people on Twitter, when tastefully done, can be very effective.

Inbox Rotation

Send one campaign from multiple email addresses to increase sending volume.

Email A/B Testing

A/B test your subject lines and messages to see which performs best!

Robust Reporting

Drill down into number of new contacts sent to each day as well as delivery rates, bounces, open rates, and click rates for each step in your sequence.

One-Off Emails

Easily send one-off messages to prospects who met certain criteria, like opened your email more than 3 times..

Liquid Syntax Support

Send dynamic messages using variables like {{first_name}}, {{company_name}} and {{job_title}}.

Chrome Extension

Connect to Twitter via our chrome extension. Once you're connected, there's no need to keep your browser open.

Advanced Filtering And Querying

Drill down into who did what when they received your message.

Personalized Images

Create dynamic images using variables for a personalized cold email experience.

Spintax Support

Increase deliverability with Spintax. Use word replacement intelligently to create slight variations in your emails to avoid spam.

Slack Notifications On Replies

Receive Slack notifications on replies.

Import Contacts From Hubspot

Continuously import contacts from hubspot and add them to a campaign!

GPT-3 AI Writer

Have AI rewrite your subject lines and emails for extra creative help!

Lead Enrichment

Give us a profile, and we'll find their name, company, title and sometimes even their email!

One Liners

Give us a profile, and we'll generate a personalized intro line.

The system to get your next 100 customers.

Listen. We built this for founders to get their initial customer base as quickly as possible.
When you join Super Send, you're joining a community of people committed to winning.

Create complex sequences using a combination of Twitter and email.

Supported Email Providers

Amazon Work Mail
zoho mail

Join 4k+ teams that have switched.

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Unlimited Contacts

Upload as many leads as you need.

API Support

Automate your heart out.

Live chat with real humas

Real people during west coast (US) business hours M-F.

Email Warming

Warm up as many emails as your plan allows.

Email Validation

Free and accurate email validator.

Lead Enrichment

Provide a profile and we will find out everything we can about the prospect.

Personalized Intros

Provide a profile and we will generate a personalized intro just for them.

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