Automate Cold Outreach Across Email and Linkedin

Including unlimited email warmup, email validator, unified inbox, inbox rotation, AI writer and more!

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Optimize campaign performance with advanced features

Enhance your outreach with seamless automation, insightful analytics, and personalized engagement tools.

Create complex sequences using a combination of Twitter and email.

Unrivaled benefits with SuperSend

Struggling to compare all the different cold outreach tools out there? Let's simplify it for you.

Conditional Sequences

If conditions, wait steps, multi-channel messages inside one sequence.

Cost Efficiency

Maximize ROI. Quality outreach at a fraction of the cost.

Advanced Integration

Sync seamlessly using API, webhooks and native CRM integrations.

Run super effective outbound campaigns

All the stuff everyone else has ... and then some. But we like to think we've done it with a little bit of flair ✨.

Email Automation

Send using your real email address and automate follow ups based on whether or not a user responds.

Linkedin Automation

Prospect with Linkedin at scale. Automated profile visits, connection requests, and connection messages.

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All Plans Include

API Support

Automate your heart out.

Email Warming

Warm up as many emails as your plan allows.

Email Validation

Unlimited, free and accurate email validator.

Live Chat Support

Real people during west coast (US) business hours M-F.

Lead Enrichment

Provide a profile and we will find out everything we can about the prospect.

What our clients are saying about us

Dive into our clients’ stories to see how we’ve empowered our clients with their business growth.

Greg Kamradt


Super Send gives me 4-5 intro meetings a week from cold outreach. It’s been great for the low energy I’m putting into it. High ROI. Thanks for the quality work and support on it @AndrewPierno

Hadi Curtay


I use it and I love it. Happy paying customer 👋

Get Prospects


For sending cold emails we use @supersendhq and @franksondors 🚀

William Carvell


Dying to implement the new service from @isupersend. Looking like it's about to make my outreach much easier. #emailmarketing



use @supersendhq instead of Instantly

Lana Rafaela


It's an awesome tool for cold outreach, I sincerely recommend it!

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