AI Intent Signals


Asgard is a data-driven platform that helps businesses find qualified leads that match their ideal customer profile. By leveraging data with a high level of granularity, Asgard can identify the companies that are most likely to buy a product or service. With Asgard, sales teams can prioritize their cold prospecting efforts by focusing on leads that have a higher likelihood of making a purchase. They can also monitor key accounts using real-time data signals and engage with prospects at the right time with a tailored value proposition. For marketing teams, Asgard allows them to build lists of ideal accounts for any marketing campaign and segment leads based on their specific use-cases. By enriching leads with real-time data signals, marketing teams can improve their lead scoring models and create personalized marketing messages that resonate with each prospect. Asgard also provides features such as sales intent detection, contact finder, and company tools stack to further enhance sales and marketing efforts. To learn more about Asgard and see the platform in action, interested businesses can request a demo.