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Breakcold is a CRM platform designed specifically for B2B relationship building in the modern age. With Breakcold, users can interact with their B2B contacts through email, LinkedIn, and Twitter to close deals and increase customer retention. The platform offers features such as a Prospecting Feed, which allows users to engage with prospects and existing clients without having to open multiple tabs and regroups their social media posts in one place. Breakcold also has a sales pipeline management tool to help users reach their sales quotas and a Google Chrome extension that allows for CRM management directly from LinkedIn. Additionally, Breakcold offers features such as automated email sequences, CRM integrations, and a variety of CRM options for different industries and purposes. Breakcold is trusted by over 1000 companies for their Sales Prospecting and Social Selling needs. The platform is designed to make B2B contact management fun and enjoyable for both users and their prospects and customers. It offers a range of features to streamline the sales process and improve customer engagement. Whether you're a sales rep, marketer, small business owner, freelancer, or consultant, Breakcold has CRM options tailored to your specific needs. The platform also provides a blog that covers topics such as social selling, CRM, cold email, and integrations. Overall, Breakcold is a comprehensive CRM solution that helps businesses build and manage their B2B relationships effectively in the modern era.