AI Sales Engagement


Buzz is an all-in-one sales engagement platform that helps sales teams engage with more prospects and close more deals without becoming overwhelmed by multiple software tools. It combines data sourcing, automation, and lead management to enable direct engagement, management, and closure of ideal clients. Buzz offers several features to help sales teams achieve their goals. One of Buzz's key features is the Buzz AI Assistant, which is a highly personalized AI Chrome extension. It helps sales teams reach the people who matter the most by finding the right people on the right channels at the right time. Buzz also offers social outreach capabilities, allowing users to manage, send, and automate their social activities without leaving the platform. This makes it 72% easier to get in front of ideal clients and increases response rates by 3 times. Additionally, Buzz integrates with existing email providers, enabling users to automate, manage, and A/B test their email outreach strategies. This allows for synchronized multi-channel campaigns to engage prospects on both social media and email platforms. Buzz also provides real-time data enrichment, ensuring users have accurate lead data to help close deals. Finally, Buzz offers pipeline management features, including a customizable internal pipeline or the ability to connect to a CRM with direct two-way sync, helping sales teams manage leads from cold to closed. Overall, Buzz is a powerful sales engagement platform that simplifies the sales process, automates workflows, and provides valuable data to help sales teams close more deals.