AI Automation


Clay is a data automation platform that helps businesses automate their sales prospecting efforts. It allows users to combine data from any provider to find their ideal customer and send personalized messages powered by AI. With access to over 50 built-in data providers, Clay enables users to find leads by gathering data points like job listings, tech stack, latest news, and more. It can even identify if companies are remote-first, SOC II compliant, or if they mention specific words on their website. Clay also helps users find emails and phone numbers of potential leads, enrich their CRM, and write hyper-personalized outreach emails at scale using AI. The platform integrates with over 200 tools, making it easy to update CRM systems, email sequencing platforms, spreadsheets, and more. Clay has been trusted by hundreds of leading teams and has received positive feedback from various businesses. For example, ChatMetrics replaced their entire SDR workflow with Clay, IntroCRM reduced costs and built high-converting lead lists, and Candid SDRs were able to hyper-personalize their campaigns. With its extensive features and integrations, Clay offers a comprehensive solution for automating sales prospecting and improving outreach efforts.