AI Customer Service


Cohere is a platform that helps customer experience (CX) teams resolve tickets faster and reduce costs. By automating responses to customer inquiries, Cohere can resolve up to 60% of tickets automatically, providing instant, personalized answers over any channel. The platform is powered by AI that understands language, not just keywords, ensuring that customers receive accurate answers all the time. Cohere also helps guide users through resolutions step-by-step and can perform actions on their behalf. Additionally, the platform allows companies to turn support articles and past conversations into personalized answers and resolutions with a single click. Cohere's AI-based automation solution extracts knowledge from solved tickets, using generative AI to automatically reply whenever the same question is asked again, allowing the platform to continuously get smarter over time. The platform also offers advanced analytics to help companies understand and anticipate customer trends, identify potential issues, and resolve content gaps. Cohere works with leading support organizations in a variety of industries to achieve industry-leading outcomes, such as ramping automated ticket resolution by 60% and seeing a 5x return on investment (ROI). The platform integrates seamlessly with existing CX tools and provides dedicated support to help companies implement and optimize personalized flows, measure ROI, and drive self-serve resolutions.