AI Sales Copywriting


Copyfactory is a B2B copywriting platform designed for sales teams and agencies. Its main goal is to help users save time on their sales copywriting tasks. With Copyfactory, users can write entire A/B sales sequences in almost any language in just seconds. The platform allows users to create their own prospect personalization templates using any data to improve response rates. One unique feature of Copyfactory is that it enables users to train the AI to write in a similar style to their own. The platform is especially useful for sales teams and agencies that want to scale their personalization efforts in sales development. Copyfactory offers drag-and-drop sequence creation, where users can select templates, answer a few questions, and generate sequences quickly. Collaborative real-time editing allows for feedback from team members. Users can also create unique personalization templates based on any prospect research, using any data source they desire. Copyfactory seamlessly integrates with other sales tools that teams may already use, such as Outreach, Apollo, Salesloft, Hubspot, Pipedrive, and more.