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Crystal is a platform that provides personality-based guidance for communication in emails, calls, and meetings. It uses industry-leading personality data to give sales reps, recruiters, and executives the tools they need to accelerate key relationships. With Crystal, users can learn the natural personality of their prospects, customize emails for different personalities, and understand the motivations of every stakeholder in a group meeting. Trusted by over 1,000 organizations globally, Crystal has received praise from various sales leaders, trainers, and reps. It helps users build meaningful relationships, improve communication, and become more confident in every interaction. Crystal is not just for sales teams, as it also offers insights for internal communication, helping teams harness their strengths, improve one-on-one meetings, and become better leaders. The platform provides personalized playbooks, real-time suggestions, and predictions based on personality insights to enhance communication skills and increase success in building rapport and negotiation. Unfortunately, the pricing information is not available on the website.