AI Video Prospecting

Gan is a company that offers personalized video solutions for businesses. With their AI-powered platform, businesses can easily create and send personalized videos to their customers, evoking the emotion needed to drive purchase decisions. The process is simple, requiring just a few minutes of effort. Users can record and upload a video template, select the words that need personalization, and then the AI, named Myna, generates the personalized videos. The benefits of personalization are significant. Users are more likely to engage with personalized video messages, with a 300% higher chance of getting replies. Businesses can also expect to see a 3x increase in conversions and a 10x increase in engagement. supports various use cases across industries such as real estate, healthcare, B2B, e-commerce, food delivery, and education. They provide solutions for personalizing checkouts, faster orders and payments, customer engagement, customer reach, and event-driven video generation. Their platform also includes features like building custom landing pages, sharing videos across multiple channels, and automating personalized responses based on user actions.