AI Meeting Notes


Goëlo is a meeting assistant that uses AI-powered conversational intelligence to record, transcribe, and summarize Google Meet and Zoom meetings. It is a collaborative tool that is useful for various teams within an organization. For sales teams, Goëlo provides meeting insights to improve the sales process and increase deal closures. HR teams can benefit from Goëlo by sharing interviews and removing bias to make better hiring decisions quickly. Product teams can store, share, and collaborate on user video interviews to identify and solve important problems. Goëlo is seamlessly integrated into your workflow. It automatically records and analyzes Google Meet and Zoom meetings. It also has upcoming integrations with HubSpot and Salesforce, allowing you to update data within Goëlo. Additionally, Goëlo can create limitless workflows with Zapier. The magic of Goëlo lies in its ability to save time by automatically joining meetings, recording, transcribing, and generating AI-powered meeting summaries. This feature allows you to review a one-hour meeting in just five minutes. You can collaborate with your co-workers by adding comments and reactions to specific parts of the recording, providing feedback to help improve the team's performance. Goëlo also serves as a real-time knowledge base, where you can create a repository of all your recordings, making it easier to onboard new hires and share best practices across the team. Goëlo supports multiple languages and is integrated with various platforms.