AI Meeting Notes


Grain is an AI-powered meeting recording and note-taking tool that is designed for all teams, not just sales. It automates the process of capturing and synthesizing insights from customer conversations, making it easy to recall, clip, and share key moments. With Grain, you can focus on the conversation at hand without having to worry about taking manual notes or remembering what was said. Grain is accessible and useful for everyone in the company, from customer success and sales teams to user research and marketing departments. It allows anyone to be a customer advocate by recording, transcribing, and clipping moments from research interviews, sales calls, and customer meetings. Grain also offers native integrations with popular tools like Slack, Salesforce, and Notion, making it effortless to share customer insights with anyone, anywhere. There is no pricing information provided on the website, but Grain offers a free trial for users to try out the tool and see if it meets their needs. Overall, Grain aims to improve productivity and collaboration by automating meeting summaries and capturing valuable insights from customer conversations.