AI Sales Copywriting

Hoppy Copy

Hoppy Copy is an AI-powered platform that helps users write better email campaigns and marketing content. It saves time by generating powerful content for various email marketing campaigns, newsletters, and drip sequences in seconds. With over 50 Email AI Templates, users can create holiday campaigns, high-converting emails, and multi-day sequences. Additionally, the platform offers advanced editor tools to tweak, edit, and reword copy, ensuring that the content stands out. Hoppy Copy goes beyond email marketing and allows users to repurpose content from any source using the Content Converter. Users can also increase open rates by utilizing the spam checker feature, which identifies spam keywords and suggests stronger alternatives. The platform also provides competitor monitoring, allowing users to access newsletters sent by top brands and track new brands in real-time. Moreover, Hoppy Copy can be used to write other marketing content, such as Facebook ads, Google ads, product descriptions, website copy, and more. The platform has received positive reviews from users, who appreciate its efficiency and ease of use. It is suitable for busy business owners, marketers, creators, and agencies looking to enhance their email marketing and content creation processes. Hoppy Copy offers a free trial without requiring any credit card information.