AI Sales Copywriting


Humanlinker is a company that helps sales teams increase their meeting bookings by providing them with tools to personalize their interactions across all channels. They have recently acquired MyProfilia and launched a new chrome extension. The company offers features such as AI Generative Icebreakers, DISC Personality Analysis, and People & Account Intelligence. The AI Generative Icebreakers allow users to engage with prospects in a highly personalized way, while the DISC Personality Analysis helps salespeople understand their prospects better and communicate more effectively with them. The People & Account Intelligence feature provides information on financial activity, HR activity, and buying signals to give users a deeper understanding of their prospects. Humanlinker is designed for sales teams who are committed to working seamlessly and growing revenue with efficiency. It is useful for both prospecting and selling. For prospecting, it helps users book more meetings and shorten the sales cycle by leveraging information from social media platforms, interviews, articles, and personality analysis. For selling, the platform provides an AI personalization assistant that helps users prepare for meetings and make a bigger impact. Humanlinker works with various sales technologies such as LinkedIn, HubSpot, Salesforce, Salesloft, and Outreach.