AI Data Collection


Web Robots is a company that specializes in B2B web crawling and scraping services. They offer three different service options. The first option is their "Instant Data" service, which is a free tool that allows users to automatically locate and extract data from web pages. This tool runs in your Chrome or Edge browser as an extension and provides you with an Excel or CSV file of the extracted data. Their second service is the "Full Service" option, which is a fully managed web scraping service. With this service, Web Robots will write, run, and maintain robots based on your requirements. They will deliver the scraped data to your database or API, and you can view data, source code, statistics, and reports on their customer portal. They also offer a guaranteed service level agreement (SLA) and excellent customer service with this option. Lastly, they offer the "Scraping IDE" which is a software as a service (SaaS) platform. With this platform, you can use their IDE and write your own robots in JavaScript. It is easy to write using JavaScript and jQuery, and the platform uses a powerful engine with full Chrome browser capability. It also offers auto-scaling and reliability. Web Robots prides themselves on their unique Chrome browser-based scraping engine, which allows them to access websites like a normal human being. This sets them apart from open source solutions like Selenium or Puppeteer. They also specialize in deep-web crawling, scraping data from websites that are hard to reach for traditional crawlers. They can deliver the scraped data in various formats, including JSON, XML, CSV, or cloud storage. To get started, you can contact them for a free demo.