AI Sales Engagement


Luna is an AI-powered sales software application that helps businesses find and engage with high-quality leads. It revolutionizes the way sales teams prospect and communicate by suggesting highly personalized emails that yield better results. With Luna, users can quickly scale their sales efforts without relying solely on personal connections or expensive ads. The key features of Luna include access to over 250 million up-to-date contacts, personalized emails that never hit the spam box, and the ability to integrate with popular CRM tools like Hubspot and Pipedrive. Luna's AI learns from user interactions, allowing it to suggest better leads and improve email engagement over time. It also offers a mobile app for prospecting on the go and can be connected to other apps using Zapier. Luna offers a range of pricing plans designed to grow with businesses of different sizes. The plans start with a forever free option that includes 25 monthly credits for emails, and go up to a scale plan with 5,000 monthly credits. Luna prioritizes security and compliance, ensuring GDPR compliance and having been officially approved by Google and Microsoft for security.