AI Sales Assistant


Managr is an AI-powered sales assistant that helps sales teams save time and be more efficient. It offers a range of features that automate tedious tasks and improve productivity. With Managr, salespeople can easily summarize call recordings, log meeting notes, and auto-fill relevant CRM fields. The AI assistant can also generate follow-up emails, ensuring that sales reps can quickly and easily follow up with prospects. One of the unique aspects of Managr is that it is built on OpenAI's platform, which provides powerful AI capabilities. This allows the AI assistant to perform tasks with accuracy and precision. The website showcases positive testimonials from satisfied customers who praise Managr for its ability to save time and improve productivity. The company is trusted by top selling revenue teams and has received positive reviews for its seamless integration with platforms like Slack. Overall, Managr is a valuable tool for sales teams looking to automate repetitive tasks, streamline their workflow, and spend more time on revenue-generating activities.