AI Data Collection


Mattermark is a data-driven deal making platform that allows users to discover, prospect, and track the world's fastest-growing companies and investors. They offer company profiles with over 80 fields of information, including geography, industry, revenue, personnel, funding, and employee growth. Users can also identify the right contacts based on title, function, and seniority. One of the key features of Mattermark is its growth signals, which allow users to monitor changes in team size, web traffic, media mentions, and more. The company prides itself on using data that can be trusted, leveraging machine learning, web crawlers, primary sources, and natural language processing to extract data from millions of news articles and websites every day. Their team of in-house analysts also verify the data daily to ensure accuracy. Mattermark provides users with the ability to discover new opportunities by sourcing the best deals from the world's business information in one place. Users can also track the growth and performance of companies and investors over time, as well as stay informed with saved searches, custom lists, and news notifications. The platform offers integrations with Salesforce, MS Excel, Google Sheets, and more, allowing users to enrich leads, export data to spreadsheets, and customize their experience with API. Mattermark is used by investors, sales and business development professionals, and professional services teams to surface new companies, reduce prospecting time, and research markets.