AI Sales Engagement


Meetz is an AI Sales Lead Generator that offers fully personalized and automated outreach to help you book meetings. With Meetz, you can easily and quickly generate a full sales pipeline without the need for credit card information to sign up. The process of using Meetz is simple and efficient. First, you upload your prospects, then you set your preferred sales methodology and tone. Meetz then creates personalized emails using the prospects' LinkedIn activity. The next step is to schedule a demo with Laura, the AI assistant. Laura will coordinate all your meetings with a white-glove touch, finding the optimal time for everyone and providing follow-up according to your preferences. Meetz is designed to reduce your workload by providing a cutting-edge AI assistant. By using advanced techniques of Natural Language Processing (NLP), Meetz can handle hundreds of different situations and engage in full-fledged conversations to book meetings with coworkers, clients, and prospects. The platform includes a dashboard that helps you manage every aspect of your calendar for optimal organization. Try Meetz today and experience the efficiency of this AI-powered sales lead generator.