AI Meeting Notes


Momentum is a company that helps teams improve pipeline management and close rates through automation and AI. Their platform offers features such as automated MEDDIC, call summaries, deal rooms, and notifications that connect with popular tools like Slack and Salesforce. With Momentum, sales managers and teams can have a better understanding of their deals, save time when communicating with prospects, and ensure Salesforce data hygiene. One of the key features of Momentum is its call summaries, which capture AI-powered notes and tasks after calls and sync them automatically to Salesforce and Slack. This allows for easy access to important information and updates without the need for manual data entry. Another feature is the Spotless Email Follow Ups, which helps streamline the follow-up process by turning emails into CRM data instantly. Momentum also offers integrations with various tools such as Slack, Salesforce CPQ, Gong, Outreach, and Google Workspace, allowing teams to manage their workflow more efficiently and eliminate siloed sales tools. The platform aims to make sales motions repeatable, automate routine tasks, and drive consistency across teams. Customers have praised Momentum for its effectiveness in improving deal management and providing valuable visibility into the sales process.