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Nektar is a revenue operations (RevOps) platform that helps companies close deals faster and improve CRM data. Many sales reps forget to update their CRM, resulting in missing critical revenue data and gaps in GTM execution. Nektar solves this problem by automatically identifying CRM data gaps, capturing missing data from various sales tools, and unifying them into the CRM with zero rep adoption required. By doing this, Nektar provides companies with more complete CRM data, leading to better pipeline creation and deal closure. Nektar offers several benefits to revenue teams. Firstly, it accelerates pipeline development by identifying contacts that are likely to engage with marketing or sales efforts, generating more qualified leads. Secondly, it helps sales teams focus on the right deals by providing insights on deal progression, health, and potential risks. Thirdly, it improves CRM hygiene by automatically adding sales contacts, meetings, emails, and other important insights from GTM tools. Overall, Nektar supports revenue teams in growing GTM efficiency, improving revenue predictability, and turbocharging marketing-influenced pipeline creation.