AI Sales Copywriting


Noki is an AI-powered prospecting and outreach solution that automates the process of booking qualified meetings. It helps sales teams eliminate research and guesswork by effortlessly building an automatic and scalable top-of-funnel pipeline. With Noki, sellers can easily sell into developer, IT, and data teams. The platform is designed for developer and data sales teams and offers signals for various categories such as developer tools, cloud services, data tools, business tools, and more. Here's how Noki works: 1. Build your signals: You can match signals to your specific Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) requirements using pre-built signals or create your own. 2. Upload accounts: Set up the accounts once, and Noki will continuously pipe through new accounts that match your signals. 3. Select personas: Choose job titles that match your ideal personas, and Noki will find them for each account. 4. Generate emails: Noki's AI automatically generates powerful and hyper-personalized emails for each lead using the data collected from your signals. Noki's AI-powered signals provide unique and valuable insights that are not commonly found elsewhere. The signals include technology signals, product signals, team signals, company signals, challenges, customer signals, and custom signals. By using Noki, sales teams can 10x their meetings, cut down on manual research time, and have a repeatable and scalable top-of-funnel process.