AI Meeting Notes


Dubber is a leading conversational intelligence platform designed specifically for Communication Service Providers. With this platform, users can extract more value from their network investments. The Dubber platform is connected to over 170+ Service Providers, making it a reliable choice for businesses. The Dubber platform offers various products, solutions, and services to help users leverage their networks and gain valuable insights from conversations. The platform is born in the cloud, making it easy to understand, leverage, and deploy. Once activated on your networks, Dubber solutions can be provisioned immediately for any of your customers. Dubber's solutions allow users to differentiate, innovate, and monetize their network. The platform captures conversations across voice, video, chat, and SMS, turning them into valuable data called Moments. By embedding the Dubber platform into their network, users can help their customers capture important moments and extract actionable business insights. With Dubber's services, Communication Service Providers can find new ways to leverage their networks, build new revenues, and delight their business customers.