AI Sales Assistant


Pod is an AI-powered workspace designed for B2B sales teams. It aims to help account executives manage their pipeline more efficiently and close deals faster. With features like CRM updates, task management, account plans, and more, Pod streamlines administrative work and allows sales reps to focus on selling. The workspace is powered by AI and ChatGPT, providing real-time recommendations on how to engage with stakeholders and push deals forward. Pod offers a special offer of 6 months free for the Product Hunt community. Trusted by sales teams and backed by top investors, Pod aims to improve productivity and effectiveness for sales reps. It provides personalized emails, automated data entry, and summarized knowledge, enabling users to apply winning sales plays and know exactly where to spend their time. With Pod, users have all the necessary information on their accounts at their fingertips, ensuring they are prepared for meetings and can confidently work towards hitting their quotas.