AI Video Prospecting


ReachOut.AI is a video prospecting platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI). It allows busy entrepreneurs and teams to deliver personalized videos to their prospects without the need to record anything. The platform offers several features, including personalized digital humans created from plain text, personalized video dubbing, and personalized singing videos. With ReachOut.AI, users can quickly add contacts by importing a CSV or connecting their CRM using integrations like Zapier and Pabbly. They can then personalize their videos by choosing one of the 5,000+ AI humans and typing a text for each recipient. The platform also offers the option to record a video once and personalize it for thousands of recipients, as well as create personalized rap songs using variables like names, locations, and job titles. ReachOut.AI has been proven to improve response rates and engagement. Users have reported significant increases in email click-through rates (CTR), reply rates, and overall sales performance. The platform also provides real-time analytics to track the effectiveness of video campaigns. Overall, ReachOut.AI offers a time-saving and efficient solution for video prospecting, allowing businesses to stand out in crowded inboxes and engage with prospects on a more personalized level.