AI Meeting Notes


Read is an essential app selected by Zoom that offers premium features to Zoom customers. It is an AI-powered tool that helps make meetings more efficient and effective. With Read, you can enjoy automatic meeting summaries, transcription augmented with reactions, video playback with AI highlights, and more. It also provides features like instant meeting summaries, AI video highlights, and the ability to record and play back meetings. Read helps you schedule better meetings, generate transcripts, manage team meetings, and share reports across a team. It offers meeting analytics, meeting playback with highlights, advanced transcription with audience reactions, and a dashboard for meeting analytics and trends over time. Read integrates with your calendar and video conferencing solutions, providing a single platform for all your meetings and interactions. Why choose Read? One of the key reasons is that it offers unbiased programmatic feedback. It uses data from millions of interactions to provide insights, taking into account not just what people say but also visual cues. Read's AI learns from past meetings and provides clear and concise action items, making it easy to improve existing meetings and set up successful future meetings. Additionally, Read works with your preferred video conferencing and calendar solutions, integrating into your existing workflows and providing a single source of truth that learns from all your touchpoints. Overall, Read is a valuable tool that can help you reclaim hours of meetings and make your workday more productive.