AI Sales Copywriting

Regie is a platform that offers fully personalized sales outreach solutions. With, sales teams can deliver relevant sales messaging in seconds, using AI to personalize emails and research contacts. The platform allows users to write sales sequences and create customized content in minutes, integrating with sales engagement platforms and email inboxes. also offers a Content Management System that references historic content to create new pieces, allowing users to incorporate familiar content into their sales messaging. is suitable for various teams within an organization. For Sales Development Representatives (SDRs), the platform enables them to write personalized, cold emails 10 times faster, create multi-touch outbound sequences, and run inbound lead response campaigns. Account Executives (AEs) can optimize their workflows by generating one-off emails, inserting company-approved collateral, and creating personalized LinkedIn InMails and call scripts. The platform is also beneficial for Go-To-Market Teams, helping them create engaging content at scale, including social media posts, blog posts, nurture email sequences, and event invitations. Unfortunately, the website does not provide pricing information.