AI Meeting Notes


Rewatch AI is a collaborative video workspace that helps teams improve communication and productivity. It offers features such as meeting recording and note-taking, video wiki for centralized knowledge, simple video messaging, and short video updates. With Rewatch AI, teams can capture important information from their meetings with automatic recording, transcription, and meeting notes powered by AI. This allows for better knowledge retention and accessibility. Additionally, teams can collaborate and share ideas, feedback, and questions in real-time, even if they couldn't attend the meeting. One of the key benefits of Rewatch AI is its integration capabilities. It can seamlessly integrate with the tools that teams already use, making it easier to manage and access videos without having to switch between different platforms. The platform is designed to support various use cases, including leadership communication, internal comms, product development, and engineering collaboration. Rewatch AI is trusted by productive businesses around the world and has been instrumental in improving communication and knowledge sharing within organizations.