AI Automation


Scheduler AI is an AI scheduling assistant designed for teams whose meetings matter. This AI assistant helps teams schedule more high-value meetings and spend less time on scheduling, allowing them to focus on delivering revenue. Scheduler AI integrates into webforms and outbound emails to propose curated times in seconds, which can improve conversion rates by 10x. Scheduler AI also reduces no-shows by sending meeting reminders and automatically rescheduling if a prospect requests a new time or declines an existing meeting. It can coordinate group meetings across teams, timezones, and organizations, making it easy to schedule meetings with clients without them needing to sign up. The AI assistant integrates seamlessly into existing messaging platforms, helps navigate scheduling conflicts, and can be tailored to individual meeting preferences. Scheduler AI works with email, Slack, and text messaging and can sync unlimited calendars to ensure accurate availability. It ensures data privacy and security by solely using basic profile information, preferences, and provided calendar information to find optimal group meeting times. Scheduler AI offers a free trial plan with limited features and paid plans for personal and enterprise use.