AI Sales Coaching

Second Nature

Second Nature is a sales training software company that aims to improve the performance of sales representatives through lifelike AI-powered role plays. Their software provides a "virtual pitch partner" that engages in actual conversations with sales reps, scores their performance, and helps them improve on their own. With Second Nature, sales teams can practice any type of conversation, whenever and wherever they want. The company has been recognized by world-class companies and has been used by thousands of happy trainees. They were ranked 2nd out of 39 providers in the G2 Sales Training and Onboarding Software Report. Second Nature's sales training software has shown impressive results, with 3 times more sales opportunities opened, a 45% increase in sales proficiency, and a 28% higher sales win rate. Additionally, 95% of sales reps prefer Second Nature over other sales training methods. Overall, Second Nature offers an innovative and effective solution for sales training, utilizing AI technology to provide personalized and interactive role play experiences for sales teams.