AI Meeting Notes


Sembly is an AI-powered team assistant that helps make professional meetings more productive. It transcribes meetings, takes meeting notes, and generates insights, ensuring that you never miss important decisions, issues, risks, events, or requirements. With Sembly, you can easily search and recall past meetings, as well as access high-accuracy transcriptions, speaker identification, and time-stamped notes with bookmarks. The platform also generates AI meeting summaries with a summary of discussed topics and their details in your preferred language. Sembly can be used to automate follow-ups, generate meeting minutes, and integrate with common task management tools like Slack, Trello, and more. The company offers additional features called Sembly Tasks, which help maximize the impact of meetings and turn them into actionable results. With Sembly Tasks, you can organize your team's workflow effortlessly, automatically identify activities, tasks, and projects, and integrate with task management tools. Sembly also provides automated recognition of decisions, requirements, events, risks, and notable items discussed in meetings. The platform generates 'GPT-like' meeting notes with an AI summary, offers multi-language support, and allows for secure sharing of meeting results with team members or clients. Sembly is compatible with major meeting platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams, and offers various applications and extensions for web, iOS, Android, and more.