AI Video Prospecting


Sendspark is an AI-powered video script builder that helps businesses book more meetings, close more deals, and accelerate the sales cycle. It is used by over 10,000 sellers worldwide and is designed to meet the needs of a remote-first world. With video messaging, Sendspark allows businesses to communicate in a more personal and impactful way, cutting through the noise and connecting with prospects at scale. Videos have higher retention than images or text messages, making them a powerful tool for conveying information and building relationships. Sendspark offers features such as the ability to easily record custom videos, personalize thumbnails, and combine pre-recorded videos to scale outreach efforts. The platform integrates with existing sales and marketing platforms and can help businesses achieve 2-3x more engagement from outbound emails and messages. By humanizing outreach and delivering personalization and relevance at scale, Sendspark helps businesses accelerate their sales process and create a better experience for potential customers.