AI Intent Signals


Signum.AI is a company that helps businesses extract more value from their existing and past client bases. They achieve this by leveraging AI to track buyer intent triggers such as title, job, location changes, and keywords. By monitoring these triggers, Signum.AI can help companies identify the right moment to up-sell and cross-sell to their current clients, as well as prevent customer churn. The process of using Signum.AI is straightforward. Businesses can upload their contact list from their CRM system in CSV format. They can then choose the triggers they are interested in tracking, such as job changes, title changes, location changes, and more. Signum.AI will provide smart alerts to keep businesses updated on relevant events happening with their contacts. Businesses can then reconnect with their contacts immediately, ensuring they seize opportunities for upselling and retaining customers. What sets Signum.AI apart is its unique buying intent signals, which allow businesses to stay on top of a comprehensive list of key events with their clients. The AI-powered platform also emphasizes building lasting connections by understanding customer individuality. Integrating Signum.AI into an existing tech stack is fast and easy, maximizing results for businesses. Signum.AI has received positive reviews and has helped businesses generate high-quality leads and fuel their sales pipelines.