AI Sales Engagement

Super Send

Super Send is an email marketing tool that helps automate cold outreach across email, LinkedIn, and Twitter. It offers a range of features, including email warmup, email validation, unified inbox, inbox rotation, AI writer, and more. With Super Send, users can run super effective outbound campaigns by sending emails using their real Gmail address and automating follow-ups based on user responses. The tool also allows users to follow and message prospects on Twitter and conduct A/B testing on subject lines and messages to optimize campaign performance. Super Send stands out from other email marketing services with its conditional sequences feature, which allows users to create complex sequences using a combination of Twitter and email. The pricing for Super Send starts at $20 per month for the Bootstrapper plan, which includes 1,000 messages sent per month, 2 campaigns, 1 team, 2 email senders, 1 team member, and 1 social account. Higher-tier plans offer more messages sent per month and additional features such as unlimited campaigns, teams, and social accounts.