AI Automation


Tango is a software tool that allows users to turn their knowledge into step-by-step guidance without the need for videos, meetings, or screen shares. With Tango, users can capture any process in seconds and turn it into a shareable how-to guide with perfectly cropped screenshots. The tool provides personal guidance through interactive walkthroughs, allowing users to know exactly what to do and where to click without leaving their screen. Tango also enables users to get answers in the flow of work, eliminating the need for searching, switching tabs, or getting interrupted. The tool features a real-time analytics dashboard, allowing users to measure their impact by tracking who is viewing their Tangos, how often they are being used, and where people may be getting stuck. Tango integrates with various platforms and can be used with all favorite tools for storing or sharing knowledge. The tool offers a free extension and is designed to help users save time, unblock their teams, and increase their productivity.