AI Data Insights

Tomi is a predictive marketing platform designed for businesses with a lead-to-sale cycle of 2 weeks or longer. It analyzes user behavior on your website, matches it with sales or customer lifetime value (LTV) data from your CRM, and runs a machine learning model to identify behavioral patterns of high-value visitors. Using this information, predicts the purchase value for new visitors, even anonymous ones, in near real-time. The platform focuses on four pillars of digital marketing: targeting, optimization, measurement, and insights. Targeting is a quick win in predictive marketing, as it allows you to create value-based audiences in the dashboard and upload them to advertising platforms via Marketing API. By switching from rule-based retargeting to value-based retargeting, you can stop wasting money on visitors who won't convert and significantly improve your return on ad spend (ROAS). also provides accurate value-based scores for ad campaign optimization and forward-looking attribution to help you make data-driven decisions. Overall, offers a predictive engine that calculates the probability of purchase and expected LTV for every website visitor, providing valuable insights for optimizing your marketing efforts. It has received positive reviews for its accuracy in predicting LTV, particularly for B2B SaaS products. Whether you want to create, capture, or convert new demand, aims to help businesses acquire customers profitably at scale.