AI Video Prospecting


Ubique SAS is a company that specializes in hyper-personalized video generation. They have developed a platform that allows users to create and customize videos without needing to record them again. Users can customize variables such as name, company, job title, and location to create unique and personalized videos for various use cases. The company offers their services for a wide range of applications. They can help onboard and upsell customers by generating engaging videos. They can also help generate more replies to cold emails and increase the number of meetings booked without overwhelming sales development representatives. Additionally, Ubique SAS can assist with recruiting by creating tailored videos to attract the best candidates for job roles. Their customized videos can also help reduce the sales cycle by addressing customer questions upfront. Ubique SAS has achieved impressive results for their clients. They have reported a reply rate increase of over 250% and a meetings booked increase of over 400%. The magic behind their video generation lies in the ability to record and clone voices. The onboarding process is smooth and the company provides assistance in building video templates based on individual use cases. Once templates are created, users can upload prospect details and variables to generate thousands of personalized videos seamlessly integrated with sales tools. The team at Ubique SAS is made up of experienced professionals, including the founder and CTO, Adrian El Baz, who has a background in deep learning involving image, text, and audio data. Overall, Ubique SAS offers a powerful solution for businesses looking to multiply themselves and grow their outreach through hyper-personalized video generation.