AI Sales Assistant


Veloxy is a sales software platform that offers a comprehensive suite of tools to help sales teams close deals faster and improve productivity. With features such as sales engagement, email marketing, artificial intelligence, sales analytics, and Salesforce automation, Veloxy provides everything you need in one tool. One of the key features of Veloxy is its AI-powered sales assistant software for Salesforce CRM. This virtual sales assistant helps sales teams increase their productivity by automating Salesforce activities and providing proactive calendar and inbox alerts. Veloxy also offers email tracking, CAN-SPAM compliant bulk email, analytics, and Salesforce integration directly into your inbox, making it easy to manage your sales activities and track your email communications. Veloxy is designed to help sales teams improve their sales productivity. By leveraging AI and machine learning, Veloxy aims to shrink the sales cycle and accelerate sales, helping sales organizations consistently exceed their quotas year over year. With Veloxy, sales reps can sell directly from their smartphones and focus on productive sales activities while the virtual sales assistant takes care of the heavy Salesforce lifting.