AI Sales Engagement


Woodpecker is a company that offers tools for cold emailing and lead generation. They have three products: Cold Email, Sales Assistant, and Agency. Cold Email allows users to send cold emails, automate follow-ups, and get real responses. It is designed to make cold emailing easy and intuitive, with features like personalization and automation to ensure that emails reach inboxes and not spam folders. Sales Assistant incorporates automation and testing into a user's workflow to help them reach their target audience. It is aimed at helping businesses scale their results and turn contacts into deals. Agency is a product that allows users to run campaigns for all their clients from one panel, making it suitable for agencies. Woodpecker products are trusted by over 13,000 professionals, and they offer a free trial for users to try out their services. The company also emphasizes deliverability protection, integrations with other tools, and positive testimonials from customers who have found success with Woodpecker's products.