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Super Send's Free Email Deliverability Checker

Greetings from Super Send's premier Free Email Deliverability Tester - a simple, entirely free solution to check if your emails will land in spam or not. Worried about the fate of your email campaign? Will it reach the inbox or the dreaded spam folder? Get the upper hand with our tool, providing preemptive deliverability analysis.

Deploy your campaign from any email marketing service to a designated set of addresses with the Free Email Deliverability Tester by Super Send. Experience the real-time visualization of your deliverability test and gain vital insights.

What's more, our Free Email Deliverability Tester doubles as a high-performance spam checker. Several user accounts are fortified with leading spam filters, including Barracuda, Mimecast, and Sophos, to ensure rigorous testing.

Are you prepared to evaluate the deliverability of your emails? Jump right in!

Why Test Your Email Deliverability?

Understanding and improving your email deliverability is essential for cold email success. Testing your email deliverability allows you to gauge how many of your sent emails successfully reach the intended recipient's inbox, bypassing spam filters and avoiding being blacklisted. It's akin to checking the reliability of your vehicle before embarking on a journey—you'd want to ensure it gets you to your destination without breaking down.

Similarly, testing deliverability ensures your message gets through to your audience, helping you build strong, meaningful connections. Ignoring this aspect may result in wasted resources, missed opportunities, and a dilution of your message's impact. Hence, regular deliverability testing can increase your email campaign's effectiveness and maximize your return on investment.

This is exactly why we built our free email inbox placement tester. Give it a spin! Simply send an email with a subject and body similar to the content you regularly use when sending cold emails and see where your emails land!