AI Meeting Notes is an all-in-one meeting management platform that aims to help businesses capture, manage, and share knowledge before, during, and after meetings. The platform offers various features to streamline the meeting process and improve communication and decision-making. With, users can create personalized booking pages and invitations, sync calendars, collaborate on meeting content in real-time, assign actions and track follow-ups, and generate meeting summaries and transcripts. The platform also integrates with existing tools, eliminating the need for multiple tabs and scattered content. caters to different types of users, including enterprises, small businesses, and individuals. For automation-driven enterprises, the platform helps streamline meeting workflows, document meeting knowledge, and ensure follow-up on outcomes across the organization. Small businesses can benefit from's all-in-one solution to effectively manage meetings and their outcomes, integrating tools to save time and money. Individuals who have a high number of meetings and projects to manage can utilize to prepare, run, and follow up on multiple projects, create booking pages that reflect their business image, all at an affordable price. Customers who have adopted into their workflow have reported increased transparency, organized meetings, improved accountability, and higher productivity. The platform helps ensure that everyone knows their responsibilities, reduces confusion over meeting outcomes, and organizes meeting content and actions.