Super Send Vs MailShake

Super Send is a alternative. It specilizes in true outbound automation across email and LinkedIn. MailShake is a simple mail merge software good for email blasts but not true outbound automation.


Linkedin Automation

Automate profile visits, connection requests, and messages. MailShake has no LinkedIn automation.

Email Automation

MailShake doesn't let you automate follow ups to emails

Twitter Automation

Auto follow and DM on Twitter. MailShake has no twitter features.

Email Warming

MailShake does not have email warming built into their product.

Inbox Rotation

MailShake only lets you send from one email address, so you are limited in sending volume.


Cheaper alternative to MailShake.

Super Send Vs. Mailshake: Which Cold Outreach Tool Is Best For You?

Cold outreach becomes a cakewalk when you have a reliable and efficient cold outreach tool supporting you!

All you need to do is feed it with some of your best leads (read: good-quality leads), and it will take care of the rest.

So today, we’re comparing two cold outreach tools—Super Send and Mailshake—to help you find the best solution at optimal cost.

Let’s dive in!

Super Send Vs. Mailshake: Feature Comparison

Ease of Use

Personally, I prefer tools that have a low-learning curve and are easy to grasp from the get-go.

While Mailshake makes it convenient to link your Gmail or G-suite account and send emails directly from your Gmail account, you’ll still need to use their interface for managing your campaigns.

Changing interfaces for different functions gets annoying when working with multiple campaigns. It also increases the onboarding time, as getting used to this setting takes more time.

Regardless, Mailshake’s UI is pretty intuitive—you can literally start using the platform without prior knowledge of how it works.

Super Send has a highly flexible UI.

Creating campaigns is as easy as dragging and dropping email sequences (nodes)—and the best part is it’s all manageable from one page.

You’ll be able to hyper-personalize your messaging to boost your conversion rates with:

  • Conditions
  • Rules
  • Triggers
  • Segmentation


Mailshake is quite adept at what it offers—sales engagement through cold email automation and LinkedIn automation. Its newest addition, “Prospect Finder,” helps search for prospects by their job role, company location, and other criteria.

While Prospect Finder is free with both pricing plans of Mailshake, you only get a limited number of credits you can use for prospecting. Beyond that limit, you’ll need to pay extra to use the service.

Super Send, too, has introduced 2 new features to aid in prospecting to its arsenal:

  • Email finder
  • Lead enrichment

These features help you find new leads and qualify them before you even start your cold outreach, helping you make informed decisions about your leads.

Moreover, the list-building functionality by Super Send helps build a list of leads from Twitter.

Simply plug in the username, and you’ll get the target’s followers populated in your list.

Multi-Channel Outreach

Mailshake helps you reach your leads via emails and LinkedIn profiles. You can make LinkedIn Automation a part of your sequences and connect with a lead through both channels.

Super Send is one step ahead in multi-channel outreach. It brings Twitter automation into the picture—just in case your leads are hanging there instead of LinkedIn and their inboxes.

The Twitter outreach feature allows you to automatically DM your leads and follow accounts—just add Twitter or LinkedIn prompts to your sequence, and you’re sorted!

Email Personalization

Both Mailshake and Super Send allow you to personalize specific elements of your emails through message variables and merge tags.

All you need to do is upload a CSV file of your leads; these tools will automatically pick data from it (considering it’s in the correct format).

With Mailshake, you can send bulk personalized emails to your leads and preview your outreach emails to see how they appear for each lead. You can make edits in the preview stage for every lead.

Super Send, on the other hand, offers the image personalization feature, which makes your emails more relatable, funny, or intriguing.

Inbox Rotation

Most email service providers and cold outreach tools restrict the number of emails you can send daily. You can get blacklisted if you surpass the sending limit, and it will only risk you landing in your recipients’ spam folders.

That’s where inbox rotation comes in! It connects multiple inboxes with multiple email addresses (or domains) to your cold outreach tool, allowing you to send emails from multiple addresses.

This way, you can continue your outreach journey without stopping.

Super Send has the inbox rotation feature, but Mailshake doesn’t, which can be a turn-off for those looking to scale their outreach efforts beyond the limits set by their tools.

Email Warmup

Both Mailshake and Super Send allow you to enable email warmup.

Mailshake has an external tool, Warmup Your Email, that does the job for you by sending emails from your account to their own email accounts. Their system automates replies from these email accounts, helping you warm up your email account for better deliverability.

Unfortunately, if you want to use this feature to avoid ending up on a blacklist, you’ll need to pay extra.

However, with Super Send, you get this feature with the tool included in the price.  

Just enter the number of emails you wish to send out each day and the count by which you want to increase the frequency, so email service providers get the hint that you’re legit and you avoid landing in the Promotions tab (or the Spam folder).

Cost Vs. Features

Mailshake’s pricing plans start from $58 per month, suiting businesses of all sizes—solopreneurs and businesses with large teams. While you get a commendable number of features for the price, it is still costlier compared to Super Send’s list of features and plans.

Super Send’s pricing depends on the number of emails and campaigns you send and the number of team members and email senders you add every month. The basic plan starts at $30 per month, which is a steal, considering the abundance of features.

Final Verdict: Which Cold Outreach Tool Should You Choose?

Super Send ticks most checkboxes when factoring in different parameters of the two cold outreach tools.

While Mailshake is a reliable sales engagement platform for sales teams starting their outbound outreach process, Super Send wins the race and comes off as the better choice.

It’s cost-effective and offers multiple essential features for B2B sales professionals looking to start or scale their cold outreach journey.

Moreover, Super Send’s team keeps introducing new features to their stack, making it an all-powerful sales engagement platform!
Scale your cold outreach with Super Send today!