Super Send Vs Gmass

Super Send is a alternative. It specilizes in true outbound automation across email and LinkedIn. Gmass is a simple mail merge software good for email blasts but not true outbound automation.


Linkedin Automation

Automate profile visits, connection requests, and messages. Gmass has no LinkedIn automation.

Email Automation

Gmass doesn't let you automate follow ups to emails

Twitter Automation

Auto follow and DM on Twitter. Gmass has no twitter features.

Personalized Images

Gmass does not have personalized images for your emails.

Inbox Rotation

Gmass only lets you send from one email address, so you are limited in sending volume.


Cheaper alternative to Gmass.

Super Send Vs. Gmass: Which Is Better for Cold Outreach?

What do you prefer in cold outreach software—ease of use, loaded features, or not paying an arm and a leg for the chance to reach your leads?

When it comes to cost and usage, Gmass has won many battles against many of its competitors. B2B sales pros and entrepreneurs alike users love the mail merge and auto follow-up features and find them reliable. 

But while Gmass is a great tool for sending and tracking email campaigns, it has some limitations that make it less than ideal for strong and comprehensive cold outreach strategies.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the limitations of Gmass as a cold outreach tool and how it compares to Super Send (an all-around cold outreach tool).

What Is Gmass?

Gmass makes cold emailing super-convenient—users can perform cold outreach directly within their Gmail inbox. All they need is to download an extension and start using Gmass from their Gmail inboxes!


Gmass helps you:

  • Automate your email sequences by setting up automated replies

  • Integrate Google Sheets to fetch leads’ data

  • Personalize your emails

  • Verify email accounts

  • Warm up your email account

  • Get instant access to insights about open rates, clicks, and replies via live reporting

  • Segment leads into different groups

While Gmass works wonderfully for many businesses looking to acquire more leads, it’s still not the best cold outreach option!

Limitations of Gmass

  • Gmass doesn’t have a dedicated user interface, which can be very old-school for some people. 

  • Gmass isn’t an all-in-one solution—you still need to rely on other tools to perform outreach for other platforms and increase your sending limit.

  • For its price, it doesn’t offer many other cold outreach features like personalized images, Twitter Automation, and LinkedIn automation.

Super Send vs. Gmass

Super Send is an excellent alternative to Gmass as it offers many more features than Gmass. Bonus? It’s cost-effective to boot!

From list-building to automated follow-ups, you name it—Super Send assists its outreach experts with everything they’ll ever need to run successful outreach campaigns. 

Super Send Focuses on Multi-Channel Campaigns

When it comes to engaging with leads, you can never be sure where they’re hanging out. They might not even open their email for days and still be hanging out on LinkedIn or Twitter. And you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity just because your tool doesn’t offer that flexibility. 

Unlike Gmass, Super Send isn’t just about cold emails—it covers more ground by allowing multi-channel campaigning to target leads on multiple channels. 

Besides cold emailing and sequence building, Super Send also allows you to reach out to your leads on social media like LinkedIn and Twitter.

Following and Cold DM-ing Prospects Is Easy!

The Twitter and LinkedIn automation feature allows you to reach out to your leads and automatically follow accounts. 

Just add the automation features to your sequence and set up the DMs or the connection request notes for LinkedIn. 

Super Send vs. Gmass: Cost

Gmass has 3 different pricing tiers starting from $19.95 per month, whereas Super Send’s cost starts at $30 per month. 

Even though Gmass is cheaper, it doesn’t even offer crucial features, including sequencing and follow-ups, A/B testing, and integration. And if you want access to these features, you’ll need to upgrade to their premium plan, which costs 29.95 per month. 


Super Send offers everything that Gmass’ premium plan offers and more at nearly the same price. 

Clearly, Super Send is more cost-effective when comparing price vs. features!

Super Send’s Inbox Rotation

Gmass enhances Gmail’s sending limit and allows you to send up to 500 emails or 2000 emails per day, depending on whether you have a Google Workspace account or a simple Gmail account. While this works with some small businesses and solopreneurs, it can be a deal breaker for someone looking to scale their outreach efforts. 

That’s where Super Send’s inbox rotation feature comes in handy!

You can send emails for a single campaign from multiple inboxes and not necessarily from the same domain. This way, you can increase the sending volume even when you’ve hit your email server’s sending limit and reach more leads at the same time.

Twitter List Building with Super Send

List building is a new addition to Super Send’s stack, allowing you to seamlessly build a list of leads from your Twitter account. 

All you need to do is plug in a username, and Super Send will populate their follower list and add them to your list of leads. 

Take Sequence-Building to the Next Level with Super Send

Hyper-targeted sequence-building is another excellent addition to Super Send’s set of features, making it one of the strongest and simplest cold outreach tools in the market today!

You can create laser-focused sequences (email, connection request, DM on either Twitter or LinkedIn, or replies to DMs or emails) with the next-level drag-and-drop functionality. 

Simply create the skeleton for the entire outreach sequence in one go and edit as you go! 

Moreover, you can also apply conditional statements (or triggers) to each step in your sequence. 

On the other hand, Gmass offers very basic-level sequencing functions, which is only effective for those outreaching on a small scale. 

Super Send Helps You Scale Your Outreach Efforts Holistically

Super Send wins the race when it comes to cost, features, and scalability. It’s a reliable cold outreach tool for B2B professionals looking for the perfect tool to get more leads without wasting time or money.

Whether you’re just starting to cold outreach or looking to scale your campaigns, Super Send is the best Gmass alternative with unrestricted plans and super-intuitive UI. 

Scale your cold outreach campaigns today!