Super Send Vs Lemlist

FeatureSuper SendLemlist

Linkedin Automation

Automate profile visits, connection requests, and messages.

Email Automation

Automate follow ups as a reply or a new email

Twitter Automation

Auto follow and DM.

Personalized Images

Create personalized images for your emails.

Inbox Rotation

Automatically switch between email addresses to increase sending volume.

Flow Based Query Builder

Create highly unique campaigns with an advanced sequence builder.


Cheaper alternative to Lemlist.

Since its launch in 2018, Lemlist has managed to make a mark in the sales automation world. The email-focused automation tool has grown its subscriber base to 10k users per month and made cold outreach a breeze for many startups and organizations. 

Its users appreciate the Lemwarm feature that helps maximize their email deliverability and reduce their spam score. 

However, what works for one company might not work for another.

Despite being packed with features, Lemlist's limitations make it unsuitable for many businesses, including bootstrapped startups. 

Limitations of Lemlist

Lemlist is a cold outreach and sales engagement tool that helps you automate cold emails, connect with your prospects through different channels and generate new business. The problem is, it’s not the best thing since sliced bread:

Clunky UI

Many Capterra users found Lemlist’s UI substandard, which can be a huge dealbreaker, especially when you’re paying up to $99 per month. You’ll see most cheaper alternatives offering a smooth and intuitive UI.

Additional Charges for Lemwarm

While Lemlist’s Lemwarm feature is the most talked about in the cold outreach community, it also irks many users when they have to pay extra to use it. This turns out to be a costlier affair, which most startups cannot afford. 

Limited Sending Volume

With Lemlist, you can send only a limited number of emails per month, which can be a drawback when trying to reach more people for your campaign. 

Super Send vs. Lemlist 

Super Send has almost everything Lemlist offers and more, making it the best Lemlist alternative. It’s an outbound sales tool that holistically helps you outreach your leads through multi-channel campaigning. 

The best part—it’s specially designed with bootstrapped founders’ needs in mind, helping them acquire their first 100 customers!

Let’s look at the factors that make Super Send a better choice and how each element compares to Lemlist. 


Lemlist offers two pricing tiers for email outreach and sales engagement. The basic plan (i.e., email outreach) starts at $59 that offers many email automation features, such as:

  • Personalization

  • Automated follow-ups

  • Integration with Hubspot, Salesforce, and some APIs

  • Invitations to team members

  • Email warm-up

However, Super Send offers all these features and more at $30 per month. 

Additionally, Super Send also allows you to automate LinkedIn and Twitter outreach, which no other automation tool currently offers. 

Sure, you can enable the LinkedIn outreach feature on Lemlist, along with some additional functionalities such as video prospecting, custom landing pages, and cold calls. But you’d have to pay $99 per month for the sales engagement plan, which is not the best idea if you won’t be using any of the features other than LinkedIn Outreach. 

Super Send vs. Lemlist cost: $30 and $99 per month, respectively.

Twitter Outreach

When it comes to prospecting, one channel is never enough!

You never know where your lead is hanging out at the moment—they might not frequently check their emails. Instead, they could be active on other platforms, such as Twitter. The best thing you can do to scale your outreach efforts is to be present where your leads are. 

When it comes to Twitter outreach, Super Send offers the following features:

List building

A new addition to Super Send’s feature stack, the new Twitter list builder, allows users to simply plug in a username (say their competitor’s), and Super Send will automatically populate their follower list and add them to your lead list. 

Follow and message prospects

Super Send makes it super easy to reach out to leads on Twitter. Just add Twitter automation to the sequence, and it will auto-follow accounts and send them DMs for you.

Inbox Rotation

Super Send overcomes Lemlist’s limitation of sending only a limited number of emails per month by allowing it to send emails for a single campaign from multiple inboxes. Using the inbox rotation feature, you can attach multiple email addresses to one campaign, not necessarily from the same domain!

This helps in increasing the sending volume once you hit your email server’s sending limit. Moreover, you can also manage which email accounts are being warmed up and ensure your emails always hit the inbox of your recipients. 

Intuitive sequence building

Another new and powerful addition to Super Send’s pool of features, sequence builder takes the sequence-building process to the next level with its drop-and-drop functionality. 

Users can now create laser-focused sequences, factoring in even the tiniest details into the sequence: 

Instead of creating sequences step by step, you can create the entire skeleton at once and pivot and edit as you go!

  • The drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy to connect the nodes to take a particular action

  • It’s easier to apply conditional (trigger-based) statements in a sequence—allowing conditions like:

  • Opened mail

  • Clicked mail

  • Accepted LinkedIn invitation

  • Has LinkedIn

  • Has Twitter

  • Has email

  • Replied on LinkedIn

  • Replied on Twitter

  • Are connected on LinkedIn

  • The sequence builder is as flexible as it gets—allowing you to update the sequence anytime by adding or removing steps

Super Send Wins the Race

Super Send is your best bet when you need a reliable cold outreach tool with essential cold outreach features at affordable prices. If you’re first starting your business or want to ramp up your cold prospecting, go with Super Send.

The outbound automation tool is just as good as Lemlist, with unrestricted plans, and allows you to create multi-channel campaigns seamlessly. 

Start emailing leads today!