Super Send Vs Instantly

FeatureSuper SendInstantly

Linkedin Automation

Automate profile visits, connection requests, and messages.

Email Automation

Automate follow ups as a reply or a new email

Twitter Automation

Auto follow and DM.

Personalized Images

Create personalized images for your emails.

Inbox Rotation

Automatically switch between email addresses to increase sending volume.


Cheaper alternative to Instantly.

Super Send Vs. Instantly: Which Cold Outreach Tool Is Best For You?

Converting leads into customers can be terribly painful without the right approach. 

It’s all about meeting your leads in their choice of platform and sending personalized outreach messages to lure them in and grab your offer. The best way to do it at scale is by using a cold outreach tool that automates the whole thing for you.

So today, we’re comparing two cold outreach tools—Super Send and Instantly—against essential parameters to help you find the best solution. 

Let’s dig in!

Overview: Super Send And Instantly

Super Send is an all-around outbound automation tool that helps you reach out to your leads through multi-channel campaigning. Think: you first send them a cold email, and once they respond, you connect with them on LinkedIn, follow up via Twitter, etc.

It’s an affordable solution to all your cold outreach needs and effectively takes care of everything:

  • Warm-up

  • A/B testing

  • Inbox rotation (unlimited email sending accounts)

  • Reporting

  • Twitter and LinkedIn automation

And more!

Instantly, on the other hand, is more of a cold email automation tool. It specializes in emails, so you’ll get features like inbox rotation, warm-up, and an AI-powered email campaign manager.

Super Send Vs. Instantly: Feature Comparison

Both outreach tools seem pretty competent at what they do—so, how do you determine which is better? 

Personally, I start with my needs. For a cold outreach tool, I’d ask myself questions like:

  • What’s the most effective conversion channel for us so far?

  • Which features do we need in a cold outreach tool?

  • Which approach works best for our ideal customers?

Let’s compare both tools based on seven different features and see where they stand!

Super Send vs. Instantly: Who Should Use the Tool?

Instantly caters to individuals and companies looking to scale their cold emailing efforts and reach more leads in less time. Their target customers include:

  • Agencies who do email outreach for other companies or offer some services to them

  • B2B sales executives in a company or agency

  • Business owners

  • Marketers

  • Freelancers

Super Send, on the other hand, can be used by all of the target customers mentioned above, it specifically targets sales teams in B2B SaaS companies and agencies. This is mainly because Super Send is more of an outbound sales automation tool than just an email automation tool. 

Moreover, teams find the tool super convenient for reaching out to their leads on multiple platforms. 

Verdict: Both are winners, as both cater to different target audiences—you can choose based on your outreach requirements: do you only need cold email automation, or do you want to expand your options?

UI and Usability

Instantly’s users love it for its easy-to-use interface, as per AppSumo reviews

The design is minimal and has a very low learning curve, even for someone using a cold outreach tool for the first time. 

Super Send’s UI is highly flexible and more user-friendly—you can literally drag and drop email sequences to create a campaign and manage the whole thing from a single page. Use conditions, rules, and segmentation to make sure your leads get the right message.

This doesn’t just involve email sequences: throw in a DM (both LinkedIn and Twitter), send a connection request, or reply to DMs in these sequences. You can also apply conditional statements (or triggers) in each step. 

This way, you can create the entire outreach sequence in one go rather than having to do it one step at a time! 

Verdict: Super Send has a more flexible UI with drag & drop editing, which makes for an awesome user experience.

Multi-Channel Outreach

Instantly helps you reach your target customers only via emails—you cannot prospect through other channels. 

However, you can never know when your lead will read your emails. They might not check their emails that often, but hang out on Twitter regularly. You don’t want to miss out on opportunities just because your tool doesn’t have the multi-channel campaign feature. 

Unlike Instantly, Super Send covers more ground by allowing you to reach your leads on Twitter and LinkedIn (where most CEOs and stakeholders are hanging these days), along with email outreach. 

Super Send has these amazing features to help you target your leads across multiple channels:

  • Twitter and LinkedIn automation to DM your leads and follow accounts automatically.

  • List-building functionality to build your list of leads from Twitter with just one click. Simply plug in the username, and Super Send will automatically populate their followers and add them to your list.

Verdict: Super Send’s multi-channel prospecting allows you to be omnipresent!

Email Personalization

Like most cold emailing tools, Instantly allows you to personalize specific elements in your bulk emails, such as name, company name, location, etc., through message variables. To help you reach more leads in less time and scale your efforts, the tool even offers templates for different scenarios of sales outreach. 

Super Send too has similar functionalities to Instantly when it comes to sending personalized emails, including email variables and GPT-4 (AI generates copy ideas for you) email sequences. 

In fact, Super Send takes personalization to the next level by having a ‘personalized images’ feature in the stack. 

Adding personalized images helps you jazz up your emails and make them more relatable and intriguing. And Super Send allows you to add images by either uploading them from your computer or selecting one for Unsplash (Super Send integrates with Unsplash). You can simply edit the text layer in the image as per your choice and add more layers of images to get super creative with your images. 

Verdict: Super Send’s personalized image feature took the spotlight here. 

Inbox Rotation

With outreach tools and email service providers, you always have restrictions regarding how many emails you can send daily. Surpassing the sending limits set by the service provider will only get you blacklisted, which means your emails might never land in your recipients’ inboxes!

This is where the Inbox Rotation feature comes in handy—you can connect multiple inboxes with multiple email addresses (not necessarily from the same domain). This way, you can use a different inbox whenever you reach the sending limit in one and continue your outreach efforts. 

Interestingly, both Super Send and Instantly have this feature to help you scale your outreach efforts without any glitches from the service provider. 

Verdict: Both outreach tools offer great inbox rotation to keep your lead generation humming.

Email Warmup

Email deliverability is no joke, especially when you’re using a brand new account to send your outreach emails from. 

For starters, your email provider won’t trust you not to spam your recipients with inappropriate or sales-y bulk emails. And even if your email provider somehow allows your emails to pass through, chances are slim that your recipients’ email providers will let you in without validation. 

The solution: warm up a new email account by limiting the number of emails in the beginning and slowly increasing the count as you go. 

Both Super Send and Instantly allow you to simply enable the warmup option and get started. You need to enter the number of emails you want to send each day and the count by which you want to increase the number. 

Verdict: Both outreach tools allow you to prep your new email addresses for cold outreach.

Super Send vs. Instantly: Cost & Features 

Instantly pricing plans suit businesses of all sizes. Their custom pricing plan makes it so much easier to choose a plan that’s within your budget. The tool doesn’t charge per email account or inbox—the cost is based on the number of contacts you have on your list and the total emails you want to send every month. 

Their basic version starts at $37, but it doesn’t include advanced warmup or other features a sales pro might need. For that, you’ll need to upgrade.

Super Send, on the other hand, also has pricing plans based on the number of messages you send each month. The cost depends on the number of campaigns, the number of team members, and the number of email senders you add each month. 

The good thing is that Super Send’s basic pricing plan (which starts at $30) includes all the features but fewer emails per month.

Verdict: While Instantly’s custom pricing is handy, Super Send still wins the race by offering so many features (including multi-channel outreach, integration to third-party apps, and personalized emails) at a base price.

Which Cold Outreach Tool Should You Choose?

Instantly is a reliable email outreach tool with flexible pricing plans. However, Super Send comes off as the better choice not only for B2B sales professionals but for anyone looking to start their cold outreach journey (businesses or individuals) without paying an arm and a leg for it. 

Super Send offers everything Instantly offers (and more), and it continues to amaze users with new features. 

Their latest updates—email finder and lead enrichment features—help you qualify your leads before starting your campaign, making it an even better choice for your all-in-one cold outreach tool. 

Make Super Send a part of your arsenal and get growing!