AI Automation


Bitskout is a platform that allows users to create plugins that can extract data from various sources such as documents, emails, and pictures and add them to the tools they are already using. With Bitskout, users can automate mundane tasks and save time and effort. The platform provides ready-made templates for extracting data from different types of documents, such as purchase orders, invoices, CVs, and business cards. Users can also create their own plugins with a simple user interface that requires no coding or integration. Bitskout has been praised by its users for its impact on businesses. The platform has helped companies automate processes, improve efficiency, and make significant time savings. Users have highlighted how Bitskout has transformed their operations and allowed them to focus more on meaningful tasks rather than repetitive administrative work. The platform has been integrated with popular tools and services like Zapier, Power Automate, Asana, and, making it easy for users to add their created plugins to their existing workflows. Overall, Bitskout is recommended for businesses looking to automate data extraction and streamline their processes.