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Chorus (ZoomInfo)

ZoomInfo is a comprehensive B2B data and software platform that helps businesses connect with and close valuable buyers. Their all-in-one operating system, ZoomInfo RevOS, is trusted by over 30,000 businesses and provides the necessary tools for revenue teams to drive business growth. For sales teams, ZoomInfo offers intelligence and prospecting solutions to empower them in meeting and exceeding their quotas. With powerful data and insights, sales professionals can identify and target the most promising prospects to drive conversions. Marketers can leverage ZoomInfo's ABM (Account-Based Marketing) and conversion tools to effectively turn leads into pipeline and accelerate their return on investment. The platform helps marketers optimize their campaigns and strategies, ensuring they reach the right audience and generate quality leads. Recruiters benefit from ZoomInfo's candidate database and engagement tools, which enable them to find and engage with qualified candidates for their hiring needs. By leveraging comprehensive data and efficient engagement tools, recruiters can streamline the hiring process and make informed decisions. ZoomInfo also offers no-code data management and orchestration tools for operations teams. These tools empower operations professionals to manage and deliver engagement-ready data seamlessly, improving overall efficiency and effectiveness. In addition to their operating system, ZoomInfo provides premium products that enhance conversations and interactions with customers. Their conversation intelligence solution, Chorus, enables sales teams to make every sales interaction count by capturing and analyzing valuable insights from sales calls. The data-powered website chat and insight-driven phone and email automation tools help businesses reach more buyers and increase conversions. ZoomInfo's success stories highlight the impact of their solutions on businesses. Customers have reported significant increases in productivity, demos scheduled, and average deal size after implementing ZoomInfo into their operations. To stay informed, ZoomInfo offers a blog and learning hub where they share insights, trends, and guides related to B2B sales, revenue operations, data management, talent acquisition, and more. ZoomInfo provides businesses with the data, tools, and software necessary to drive profitable conversations and achieve their growth objectives.