AI Customer Service


Drift is an AI-powered conversational platform that integrates chat, email, and video to provide personalized experiences throughout the customer journey. This platform is not your average chatbot - it goes beyond automated responses to create pipeline-driving conversations and reduce manual work. With Drift, you can identify website visitors and understand their intent to deliver personalized experiences that qualify and move them down the sales funnel. Drift offers several features to help you convert more high-volume traffic on your website. Their AI-powered chatbots enable human-like conversations 24/7, their Intel & Audiences feature allows for hyper-targeted website experiences, and their Conversational Landing Pages (CLPs) enable real-time conversations with visitors. By leveraging conversational and generative AI, Drift can boost your team's efficiency and increase productivity. Based on a three-year analysis with Forrester, Drift customers on average experienced significant increases in sales rep efficiency, conversation to marketing-qualified leads (MQLs), sales win rate, and annual recurring revenue (ARR) in targeted accounts. Drift is praised for its ability to align marketing and sales efforts, as well as its contributions to digital success and pipeline goals for companies like Okta, SAP Concur, and SSGA. Drift offers plans tailored to different business needs, including the Premium plan for small businesses, the Advanced plan for personalized messaging and qualified pipeline growth, and the Enterprise plan for scaling personalization and pipeline generation efforts across the customer lifecycle. Additionally, Drift offers a specific program for startups. To learn more about Drift's product offerings, resources, support, and company information, you can visit their website.