AI Intent Signals


Intently is an AI-driven platform that helps businesses drive sales with precision. Think of it as the Google of people search. By using Intently, businesses can find ready-to-buy prospects and engage them with personalized outreach, showing a clear understanding of their needs before their competitors. The platform's algorithms analyze a wealth of data to identify prospects with buying intent signals relevant to a company's offering. This allows businesses to arm their sales teams with the most up-to-date information and engage with the right leads at the right time. Intently goes beyond basic lead and company information by providing exhaustive profiles that offer valuable context on each prospect's specific needs. Users can learn what topics their prospects are researching and what solutions they are looking for. The platform also offers AI-powered outreach messages that are tailored to the prospects' needs and interests, making a great first impression and building genuine relationships from the very start. By automating time-consuming manual searches, Intently frees up marketing and sales teams to focus on closing deals, resulting in a 70% uplift in conversion rates, 2.9x higher average deal size, and 4x faster revenue growth.