AI Data Collection

Leadshub AI is an AI-powered sales intelligence platform designed for sales and marketing teams. With its next-gen technology, helps sales teams to identify and contact their ideal buyers, enabling them to reach the right decision makers quickly and intuitively. The platform also assists marketing teams by providing them with a go-to-market solution to grow their sales funnel and streamline account-based marketing (ABM). stands out from other platforms as it has been a leading web data pioneer for a decade and crawls billions of online data points every month. This allows users to get hyper-targeted search results, ensuring they find the emails and phone numbers they need quickly. The platform also offers a corporate contacts database that is constantly growing, helping sales teams to accelerate their sales pipeline and meet their growth targets. For those interested in trying out the capabilities of, they can request a demo to explore the next-gen sales intelligence powered by ChatGPT.